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Gender: research: transformative: quality: experenced: consultancy: International: masculinities: LGBGT.
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The Gender Research Alliance’s core activity is to undertake high quality research, strategy and policy development in both the private and public sector that promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment.


The Gender Research Alliance was established by three independent international professionals with the expertise, common vision and experiential background to make a contribution to the improvement of the quality and outcomes of gender research in middle to lower income countries.


The partners in the Gender Research Alliance have over 40 years of experience working with international organisations, within the MNE environment, and in South Africa. As part of this work, there has been extensive work carried out on inter alia, MNE growth strategies, international value and production chains, inclusion in value chains, decent work and policy development. The partners have extensive experience in working for and with the ILO and other IGOs, and the processes and procedures and requirements of the ILO are well understood. The partners offer additional solid experience in:


  • Constructing evidence based arguments, obtaining political buy in, management support for the development and implementation of ILO programmes.


  • Carrying out participatory audits for International Labour Organisation Country Offices and constituents with associated reports and action plans and indicators of achievement.


  • Developing gender sensitive and gender specific indicators of achievement for enterprise development programmes, decent work programmes and the ILO’s Small Enterprise Development Unit.


  • Development of viable and credible shifts in organizational processes and structures in large private sector firms to ensure gender mainstreaming using business credible arguments and procedures.


  • Over 30 years’ experience in the MNE environment at the strategy level, largely for South African and European based MNEs.


  • Action research focusing on quick status quo assessments of specific targeted audiences, communities and/or issues.


  • Fast, effective survey development and implementation to identify issues and solutions in appropriate and credible ways.


  • Gender auditing a large South African parastatal

    The Gender Research Alliance is facilitating a participatory gender audit to assist a large South African Occupational Health and Safety Parastatal in its aim to achieve gender equality within its wor...

  • Gender and evaluation

    The Institute of Social Studies Trust (New Delhi)  launched Gender & Evaluation community on 16th Feb 2013 under ‘Engendering Policy through Evaluation’ project which was funded by ...

  • Decent Work Assignment

    Enterprises and Decent Work: The work with the International Labour Organisation’s Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit to produce a case study that provides an overview MNE prac...

  • Women in Business and Management

    The work with the International Labour Organisation’s Bureau for Employers’ Activities to capture the initiatives of national Employers’ Organizations in Sub Saharan Africa to include in...

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